Xchange by Raeco®

Xchange by Raeco® designs and creates innovative and original indoor furniture that helps improve performance, increase collaboration, propel cost efficiencies and builds brand recognition. We know every customer has distinct needs and a unique vision for their learning space. We have designed and developed a unique furniture portfolio so you can find an impeccable assortment of furniture solutions that will make your indoor environment work for you.

BANDAsteel Collection

Interior architecture creates the context to engage people with each other, their work, and their lives. Banda. An insightful collection of modern furniture with the same philosophy – not surprising, since it was designed by Swiss architect Daniel Korb.

A simple, but not simplistic, application of systems thinking for social spaces.

BANDAsteel lounge replaces the mass of conventional lounge furniture with an open steel frame that creates accessible, fluid spaces. Instead of a limited range of pre-planned models, banda works like a chassis: Seating and table surfaces ‘fill’ the frame, armrests and backrests ‘plug-in’, lighting and power/data management ‘connect’. The classic design language integrates into customer waiting areas, public spaces, healthcare facilities, and touch-down or open lounge spaces in the workplace – or even a compact couch for a quick nap.

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XE Collection

A study by the International Academy for Design and Health shows that because our environment influences us on many levels, the setting is continually either supporting or depleting its occupants. Consciously creating and sustaining a nurturing setting fortifies the roots from which employees evolve and grow.

In essence, we create a nurturing environment and let it grow, periodically unplugging from the demands of technology allows us to shine.

Decision-making is tiresome – to recover have a break at the HAUS. Unplug and focus.

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SC3 Collection

The basis of SC3 came from a simple question: How could Bauhaus principles suit environments today? The answer, of course, goes back to the Bauhaus approach.

Bauhaus attempted to make good design affordable for all. In doing so, industrial material like tubes and profiles became materials of choice. Design tool on timeless shapes like circles and squares. human needs were essential and simplicity was celebrated over complexity.

With Bauhaus as inspiration, SC3 was designed by Daniel Korb as a table he envisioned for working and living - an approach that ended up as a mere starting point. During the design process, SC3volvede in a full program, complete with elements for privacy, media integration and solutions for learning and training.

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