Carlton Library, Victoria

“The new shelving at Carlton Library, besides being an aesthetic hit with our patrons (and staff), makes the library floor a flexible space in a way it has never been before. The first test came in early April when over a hundred people booked in to hear Sarah Krasnostein. We had half an hour between the library closing and the event starting. It took fifteen minutes! The shelving units rolled back, the chairs came out and the scene was set for a fabulous evening. A week later we did it again for Michelle Scott-Tucker – just as easy to create a space and just as easy to move it all back again. Brilliant! ”


 Tasman Community Library, Tasmania

“I am so pleased with the new library at Tasman. Thank you for your support and assistance in ensuring the successful delivery of a beautiful new space. Just to let you know Lisa, I managed to reduce the red double bay to one bay on the window side and it looks fabulous. Also, we could fit both picture book collections on the new shelving provided so there is no need to order more. ”

 Barwon Health, Geelong

“Thanks to the design expertise of Raeco, our new library in a glass-encased, floating mezzanine floor of a nineteenth century heritage building, melds the old with the new with grace and style. Natural light from the led lights in the outside shell travels across the low-line, mobile shelving, allowing flexibility and clear line of sight across the whole library. On entering the space our clients gasp audibly before gravitating towards the area that suits them for the day. Double-screen computers, comfortably spaced along the perimeter benches allow researchers to work efficiently, undisturbed by the centralised activities. The shelves are interspersed with bright pink chairs, complementing the muted heritage colours. The custom-designed reference desk allows stand-up or sit-down reference with wheel chair access. Study booths in the learning lounge entice and enclose those who want privacy for informal peer teaching. It is all about functionality with elegance, and with Raeco we’ve achieved a fine balance.”

Sunshine Library

"We are pleased with the results. There has been an increase in loans and I believe we can attribute that partly to the shelving design and configuration which maximizes the opportunities to display library items. The charcoal colour of the shelves provides a good contract to book/AV covers."

Benalla Library 

“Face-out display is maximized throughout the library, allowing the collection to be showcased.   While some stacks are in the traditional lay-out, there has been opportunity to create special areas such as the DVD/audio stacks.

 Having the shelving on castors has meant that the reading area can easily be cleared for events, at very little effort from staff. Interesting and comfortable furniture dispersed throughout the library creates a user-friendly atmosphere.”

German Swiss International School, Hong Kong 

“Shastiq was extremely professional, positive and always available despite distance and time constraints. She understood budget limitations and came up with solutions that were acceptable to all levels of school involvement. We achieved the wow factor with the campfire setting, the picture book shelving, wave seating and pod seating.  We certainly wouldn’t have looked as good without these features. It is the pride of the school. ”

Steam Hub, Rokeby School, Tasmania


“The result is an open, vibrant learning space where the disciplines of STEAM education come together and teacher and students are no longer isolated through physical space or traditional classroom formats. Students and staff alike are thrilled with the result and learning outcomes are already being enhanced. We have instantly become a key school in Tasmania for STEAM education through our unique approach to teaching pedagogy and our space have received accolades as an excellent example of a progressive and innovative learning environment.”

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