Libraries are an exciting space to learn and it’s important to create an environment where patrons feel relaxed and welcome to read. To receive the maximum impact for the smallest amount of money, enhance your library with these easy upgrades. 

Step 1 - Add bay end panels to the end of your shelving.

Bay end panels will instantly improve your library’s aesthetics by creating an ambience to encourage patron borrowing.  Ideally having panels with slatwall will provide greater benefit as they have added flexibility to display books. The best part about bay end panels is that they are easy to install and can be added current shelving (even if the your shelving is not from Raeco®)

Step 2 - Display your books loud and proud!!!

Visually merchandising is an effective way to increase the circulation of your library materials. Proudly display your books by using acrylics on your Slatwall Bay End Panels and adding face outs on your shelves with the help of easels.

Step 3 Create an impact upon entering your library.

The simple touch of a statement piece of furniture near the entrance of your library will do the trick. Choose a piece of furniture that is flexible and interchangeable to keep your entrance fresh. Products such as Display Cubes, Cube Ottomans, Raeco® Tetris Seating, are perfect to create a welcoming impact and flexible to move around.

By making these enhancements you will change the attitude of your patrons and staff moral which will lead to a greater volume of patrons and circulation of books.

Limited on budget?

A great aspect of these 3 enhancements is that they can be completed in stages while your library would still start to receive the benefits. Contact your local Raeco® Area Manager to discuss a plan of action.

The Raeco® Team