Introducing Raeco's Customer Care Program

03 July 2018 | Australia

Written by - Marketing

Raeco takes customer experience improvement to new levels

This week, Raeco is introducing a new strategic initiative aimed at raising the standard of service and commitment to providing care for all types of customer queries.

The move is part of a broader program to improve customer experience, known as Raecare - Because we care. 

The new initiative will help ensure the best possible experience for its customers and end users.  

The Raeco team has been working hard constructing improvements to deliver customer experiences on their product offering. To meet a higher level of service quality, Raeco plans to continue pushing levels to even greater heights over the coming year. 

This strategic initiative is the first of its kind for Raeco and signals a new era of competition in the modern learning environment and will undoubtedly bring great benefit to its customers. 

Raecare is becoming a strategic initiative of Raeco.

“At Raeco, we understand our customers don’t just buy products anymore. They buy experiences. And we will celebrate this opportunity and continue to give customers quality products, and end to end customer experiences whether it be from our digital platform or through our experienced sales team,” says Global Sales Director, Trevor McCann. 

Raeco strives to consistently provide the most caring, attentive service to their customers. 

Trevor adds, “Raecare reflects  Raeco’s commitment to improve service standards and to play a valuable role in maintaining its reputation as a desirable destination for all things learning in today’s modern environment.” 

It’s one thing to wax poetic license about the value of good customer experience. Actually, delivering these experiences is something else. 

At Raeco, we understand how to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

“Our team-wide approach will contribute towards raising standards for the importance of customer experience,” says Trevor. 

In order to meet a higher level of service, Raeco will be performing advanced customer care requirements where needed to ensure the best experience possible.

Here are some of the key areas Raecare will deliver exceptional customer service:


Efficiency.  Raeco will establish standards for how quickly customer enquiries will be answered. A company-wide policy of responding to all enquiries and customer service emails will be within two hours during normal business hours.

 Personalisation. Today’s Raeco consumer demands a personal experience, tailored to their exact needs. Our team of Raecare specialists will provide personalised product recommendations based on customer requirements and scope of a project. 

Consistency between Online and offline. Raeco customers will receive timely and personable customer experience whether it be online or offline. 

Timely and Accurate Delivery Updates. Raeco customers will receive timely and accurate updates of their shipment every step of the way. 

Raecare is making an important contribution towards realising Raeco’s vision to create exceptional customer experiences for the modern environment. 

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