Libraries across the nation are incredible institutions, unrivalled in the role that they play in our society. It is important that we ensure the library network remains relevant and accessible to everyone in our community.

There are multiple benefits to be gained from a dynamic and innovative library network for a more literate society, social cohesion and tolerance, informed decision making and a best start in life for our children. 

Although there are other community and commercial places that provide opportunities for meeting and activity, the library is the only institution that brings these things together for community and society’s benefit. 

Through valued partnerships, our libraries can provide a place where people can engage, learn and participate and be introduced to new ideas and technologies in a safe and supportive environment. The value of collaboration and partnerships should not be underestimated.

Raeco’s focus rests on an underlying principle - to serve and collaborate with the library network to create innovative library and learning spaces that not only provide improved educational outcomes for students, but for the whole community who will benefit from using these facilities.

Nothing in the dynamic library system acts in isolation. Elements interact to create a modern library network that delivers an integrated, high quality library system where the community benefits. 

For example, the strength of collaboration between the library network and Raeco has made developments like these possible; Billanook College Discovery CentreBunjil Place Library, Dudley Denny City Library, through to InaburraNewport Community Hub, and Rokeby High School to name a few. 

While these are all examples of the collective impact individual libraries are able to gain from the strength of Raeco’s experience, it is important that we all work together to develop and inspire the library network for the benefit of all the people and communities in Australia and abroad. So, the value of collaboration should not be underestimated. 

There are multiple benefits to be gained for a dynamic and innovative network of libraries where collaboration plays a role. These include a more literate society, social cohesion and tolerance, informed decision making and a best start in life for our children.

Raeco aims to continue to build on and maximise collaborative opportunities within the library network to provide new possibilities that stimulate imagination and knowledge creation for communities in Australia and abroad