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Modern Learning Environments 

26 May 2018 | Australia

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Many of the modern learning environments being built today promote and support a range of pedagogies including delivering, applying, creating, communicating and decision-making. 

They are often centred around a student ‘home base’ where a lot of the teaching and learning occurs, and these bases provide access to a variety of other learning spaces. Modern learning environments offer students and teachers flexibility, openness and access to resources. Providing teachers with an open, flexible learning environment where inquiries are shared, interventions devised collaboratively and reflections based on both self and peer observations, can lead to the development of a robust, continuously improving community of practice.

What we know about learning has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. Many of the modern learning environments being built today effectively promote and support a range of teachings including delivering, applying, creating, communicating and decision-making. 

An innovative Learning Environment is one that is capable of evolving and adapting as educational practices evolve and change, thus remaining future focused. It is the transformation of a crowded classroom to a space that facilitates new and deeper ways of teaching and learning enabled by the physical changes.

These learning areas are really powerful because according to many studies, they speed the rate of learning for students. So, it is fair to say, modern learning environments are really about giving students maximum flexibility in their learning.  

Unaburra School, NSW: School with a modern learning environment  

The Learning Commons area at the Unaburra School provides space for students to engage in self-directed, individual or collaborative work. Flexibility is the key, enabling students to arrange their workspace in a way that facilitates the activity of the moment. The Commons provides an experience akin to contemporary tertiary education. 

The new area has been furnished with a variety of flexible and mobile furniture to accommodate the learning needs in the classroom.

Here are a number of furniture configurations in the Learning Commons Area. 



Final note 

If you were to build a new learning space that reflected your school’s vision and commitment to learning, what would it look like? What would students need to have access to over the course of a day? What activities would they engage in over the course of a day? What technology would be required to support this? 

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