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Revealed! Our new website.

18 February 2020 | Australia

Written by - Marketing

REVEALED! Our New website!

There's a lot more to our new website than a snazzy new look. We've added a lot of tools that make it easier for your to navigate and find the information you seek.

We've also retained many key areas of product information, tips and specifications  that you've told us you refer to often.

Today, we'll walk you through many of the new features and show you how easy it is to direct yourself around the new site.


There's no place like home:

Never "get lost" again. When you're knee-deep in our website, it's easy to get back to the home page to find yourself. All you need to do is click on the Raeco logo [top left of every page] and you'll instantly be transported back to our home page.



Are you looking for me?

To keep each page clear, modern websites now "hide" the traditional navigation menu. Our new site's menu is located behind the "hamburger" [3 lines on the top left of each page]. Simply click the three lines and our menu will appear. 



Once the dropdown menu appears, some menu will have an arrow next to them. This arrow indicates other sub pages exist within the main page. To view the subpage titles,  simply click the arrow.


Knock Knock! Who's there?

To log in to the site and place an order - check your history etc, simply click the gender neutral icon on the top right hand side of each page - and log in as normal. You will always know when you are logged in by the welcome message that will appear - with your name. 



At your fingertips

The home page has been designed to seamlessly transport you to key pages of our new site. Under the main banner, you'll see four boxes, these are direct links to that latest from Raeco. New products, latest promo's, catalogues (all updated and ready to view), at your fingertips - plus we've added a quick link that gives you a sneaky inside looks at our latest installations.


Product Categories

Also on the home page, we've added an additional product category finder that will instantly take you to your product of choice. Simply hover over the area you wish to view, click and PRESTO, you'll be taken straight to that product category. What could be easier?


Are you lookin' for me?

If you want to find a product by code or name on our site, simply select the magnifying glass at the top right hand corner of the page. This will prompt you to enter the product code or name. Select enter and a list of products that best match your search will appear. when you see the product you want, simply click it.


DIY Spec sheets

Once you've found your ideal product, you can create, download or print your very own specification sheet [or spec sheet]. To create your own spec sheet, simply hit the quick view or the blue product description text. Then select either the share [for emailing/download] or print button and your spec sheet will magically appear.

Here's one we prepared earlier:




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