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Attract more students to your School Library

17 October 2020 | Australia

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A school library is the knowledge hub for students to learn, explore and create. Making sure it is fit for purpose, comfortable and a productive shared space is critical. A good library should be outfitted with the most appropriate library furniture, including industry best bookshelves, tables and couches.

There are many options you can use to improve your existing space and inspire more minds!

Student-centred design

One of the main purposes of a library is to inspire students to read more and to encourage them to spend time in the space. This is achieved by making sure the library is as welcoming as possible, while still being functional. Carefully selected furniture creates an open, inviting environment. Agile furniture enables students to create their own space and accommodate group or individual study. Clear shelving signs make it easier for students to find what they’re looking for quickly. Section dividers, used within shelving with icons or pictures are attractive to junior users.

Connecting with nature

Ensuring that your library employs as sustainable an approach as possible can not only be good for the environment, it can be more cost effective too. As well as having paper recycling options (or moving to as paperless a model as possible) having a zone that highlights your environmental strategy will resonate with today’s environmentally savvy students. A display can include literature and information that can help lead the way when it comes to educating and your library users about your ‘green’ initiatives.

Installing environmentally accredited furniture reinforces your commitment to the environment. Raeco steel library shelving is 100% recyclable and made in Australia. This means, less transportation and manufacturing to Australian environmental standards.

Raeco is also accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) plus ISO14001 for Best Practice Environmental Management Systems.

Including digital technology

Embracing technology to supplement your collection can attract users to your school library space. By making space on a wall, or in a zone for a projector or screen will enable you to manage small lectures or workshops for students.

In need of high-quality library furniture?

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