Getting Started with your Library refresh!

24 October 2020 | Australia

Written by - Marketing

Many librarians are requesting a refresh to their library space. They’re looking to make them more user friendly, open, with zones. Our advice? Start with the right library furniture to ensure that the books are protected and your visitors find the library comfortable and a pleasant space to read.

Here are some ideas to get you started when it comes to creating a beautiful and functional library lounge.

Modern library shelving

Arguably the most important part of your library is the shelving. You want book shelves that can support your books as well as improve the flow of the library space. Your shelves should be sturdy, but also look good and encourage people to explore the books in each aisle.

Here at Raeco, we use thicker 0.8mm gauge steel for our library shelves, which provides additional support strength of up to 60kg of weight. You can be sure that your books and materials are safe and sound. Additionally, we have a team of consultants that can help provide customised shelving solutions to enhance the flexibility of your space, look good and boost your circulation rates.

Collaborative areas

The library is not just for reading, but also for exchanging ideas and brainstorming. As such, every library should have specific areas where students can meet in groups without disturbing individual workspaces. There are endless options, however, when it comes to library furniture it makes sense to speak with a library furniture supplier. The team at Raeco has developed a number of library specific couches, chairs and cushions that can incorporate your collection, enable individual and collaborative study and reading. These lines work with your library shelving display to form a cohesive library space.

Integrating technology

The library is a space designed to expose students to various learning opportunities and to foster intellectual growth. Equipping your library with technology that helps facilitate long-distance learning, particularly now, as people access information increasingly using remote means can help increase visits and circulation. Incorporating technology focused spaces that encourage visitors to use online services while at the library is another positive strategy to increase visits and library space use. Raeco's range of Australian made library furniture, including seating, tables, lounges and service pods are all designed to be used with library technology.

In need of high-quality library furniture?

Raeco is a trusted supplier of school and library furniture, ranging from book shelves to library service pods. Enhancing all or part of your library space begins with a call to us on 1300 727 231, or simply submit your enquiry here today.

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