Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

204 Churchill Ave, Braybrook VIC 3019

“The re-development of the Bouchard Information Service Centre (B.I.S.C.) has been multi-faceted. The project scope was to reinvent the library services- the collection, programs and physical spaces in the pre-existing building. These three elements combine to deliver a contemporary Information Service for students and staff at the College. Success required coordinating visually appealing, flexible, adaptable, and functional furnishing. Planning with our RAECO representative supported design decisions and offered creative options for consideration.

The project has evolved. Our beautiful spaces have comfortable and flexible furniture. The reading program has taken advantage of the new spaces and resources. Students enjoy coming to the B.I.S.C. at all times of the day. They can be seen collaborating with other students on their studies, reading, playing chess, meeting friends and interacting with the resources and the spaces.”

Barbara Roach
Information Services Coordinator

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