Sunshine Library Refurbishment Victoria

301 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020

There is good visibility of the library and the shelving from the street. There were not many challenges in relation to the shelving. We required the shelving to be flexible so the bulk of it is on castors, 1.6m in height and not more than 3 bays in length. The shelving is therefore easy to move and adjust which we have done a number of times since opening. Each bay has a display shelf and there is slat wall with holders on bay ends. Books and other items on display act as the collection signs. We wanted to minimize the visual clutter of too many collection signs and decided the display shelves could provide part of the way finding solution for customers.

Custom build AV shelving was provided for the bay ends. This maximizes the shelving capacity of each bay and is a more effective and attractive way of presenting the AV collection. Shelving for the magazine and newspaper collections needed to provide both display and storage and the shelving solution provided does both.

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