Soft Seating

There's many reasons why soft seating is popular in today's library and education spaces. Soft seating enables fast, easy zone creation.

The Raeco collection of Australian made soft seating includes a wide range of fun colours, shapes and styles. Raeco soft seating brings flexibility to any education space and enables zones to be created easily.

Raeco soft seating range includes: Cube and pod ottomans. Sturdy, easy to move ottomans that are easy to place throughout multiple spaces. Tetris cushions where different shapes mix and match to create interesting clusters, pebble ottomans, in a range of sizes to our square and rectangle ottomans. for group activity and story time, Spectrum collection enables the creation of "stadium" seating that suits the size of each group. Puzzle and letter ottomans create a statement, are lightweight and easy to move.

4 design Elements for a 21st Century Learning Space


Create comfortable spaces that are flexible to suit a wide range of needs including collaborate and individual reading.


Students benefit academically from social interaction with their peers. Open-plan informal learning areas provide individualised learning environments which also support collaborative activities. Break out zones can often be created from previously under-utilised spaces


Accommodate both current and evolving pedagogies, with mobile or interchangeable furniture. Whether it’s enhancing the learning environment for students or the array of different activities within a community place, modular furniture is ideal to reconfigure depending on the activities taking place


A well-designed 21st Century learning space will have a motivational effect on students. With comfortable, flexible and collaborative furniture infused with natural light it will provide an environment that is easy and pleasurable to work in as well as energise and inspire learning