Bay End Panels


Bay end panels instantly and economically improve your library’s aesthetics by creating an ambience to encourage patron borrowing. Offering functionality with added display options such as Slatwall®, pinnable and Velcro® compatible fabrics or durable laminates. Bay end panels can even accommodate your online public access catalogue (OPAC) to free up valuable floor space and make your catalogue easily accessible.

Installation is as easy as 5 screws which attach the end panel to your shelving. Panels can be installed by a handy person or Raeco® can arrange installation on your behalf.

Bay End Panels Styles Bay End Panels Color

Raeco's Bayend Panel Guide is a technical specifier outlining what is available in our End Panel Range. Raeco prides themselves on producing quality panels to suit our Australian Made Metal and Timber Shelving ranges. Download your copy today.

For more information please contact Raeco Customer Service on 1300 727 231.

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