Children’s Library Furniture

Playful, functional and robust. Using commercial grade fabrics, each piece is designed and selected to withstand the demands of younger visitors.

We hope you find it easy to make a confident choice from our revitalised range. We are aware that some requirements may not be serviced from a catalogue or website, so we invite you to contact us if you require further customisation. We’ll do our utmost to meet your needs.



Stackable timber and metal chair. Suitable for juniors aged two to six.


A robust, stackable, lightweight stool, perfect for children’s activities.

Colourful Ottomans & cushions

Letter Ottomans

Highlight your library’s name or a popular activity. Includes timber frame and high density foam. Each letter of the alphabet sold individually. Vinyl upholstery recommend.

Puzzle Ottoman

Intersecting ottomans made with timber frame and high density foam. Vinyl upholstery recommend.

3 piece Circular Ottoman set

Create a playful sense of fun with our three piece circular ottoman set. Vinyl upholstery recommend.

Story Time Floor Cushions

The classic story time cushion is now Australian made from high density foam with removable vinyl covers. Sold in sets of 4. 
Mobile cushion trolley available. 


Create and reconfigure a range of inspired seating landscapes. Made with high density foam and timber frame. Vinyl upholstery recommend.

Tetris Building Blocks

Available in sets of six. Made from high density foam with removable covers for easy cleaning. Vinyl upholstery recommended. Each Tetris Building Blocks are sold in sets of 6. Vinyl upholstery recommend.

stadium seating

Spectrum ottomans combine to create stadium seating. Includes timber frame and high density foam. Designed for story time or small gatherings. Vinyl upholstery recommend.



Rainbow ottomans can be arranged into a multitude of seating configurations whilst adding a colourful sense of theatre. 

Commercial grade vinyl upholstery recommended.

Kids Library Storage & tables


Arranged curved tables to create different shapes. Consists of steel frame and laminate table top.

JUNIOR 580H: Small & Large

SENIOR 720H: Small & Large


Display board books for the younger ones. High density foam cushion attached to laminate body, colours of your choosing. 


Mobile options available for all configurations.

Overall height 310mm (Junior) – 450mm (Adult)

Modular units create an interactive setting and display system. 

Seating cushions made from high density foam.

Adult Wave Seating - Curved

Junior Wave Seating - Curved

Adult Wave Seating - Straight

Junior Wave Seating - Straight

Adult Wave Joiner

Adult Wave Booktub - Curved

Junior Wave Booktub - Curved

Adult Wave Booktub - Straight

Junior Wave Booktub - Straight

Junior Wave Joiner

Fabrics & Finishes ease of selection, we’ve reduced the amount of featured fabrics in our catalogue. All featured fabrics and vinyls are rated heavy commercial grade and feature a minimum 2 year warranty. 

We’ve included some of our featured fabrics below. See all of our stunning patterned and plain fabric plus vinyls here.