An eye catching entrance display, featuring customer friendly face out display shows that this library refurbishment is focused on encouraging visitors to browse and borrow. THe feature of the dispaly is the books. It’s neat, demands attention and is the easiest dispaly to maintain.

Other indications of encouraging browsing/borrowing through merchandising include:

  • Clear directional signage on top of each shelving row
  • Additional signage incorporate within shelving
  • Shelving heigh enables visitors to look right across the library to identify the area they wish to browse
  • Bay end panels include face out display
  • Almost every row of shelving includes 1 bay of face out display
  • Placement of ottomans and seating throughout shelving encourages browsing
  • Shelving bays are configurated into clusters and zones, which is more interesting than long, narrow aisles!

Best of all – all the shelving is manufactured right here, in Australia. Not only does this shelving choice support Australian jobs, it helps the environment. Raeco shelving, manufactured in Australia, to Australian environmental conditions, (and Australian employee conditions) produces less carbon and reduces shipping. Plus, at end of life (did we mention our 30 year warranty?) – Linea shelving is fully recyclable.

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