Glenallen Special School Library

School Library Refurbishment Victoria

Wide spaces were incorporated into the floorplan of Glenallen special school to accommodate differing needs of students. Easy access to books is achieved by including browser tubs into the majority of Linea shelves. Browser tubs enable students to “flick” through books for easy selection.

Full face out display on bay end panels further enhances accessibility to books.


A number of reading /activity zones have been created by placement of ottomans and seating – all are easy to move by one person. Single seat couches with sled bases, makes them easy to “slide” or move through the library as required.

Modular “Wave  Seating” provide easy access to picture books and activities.

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All shelving bays are on wheels so bays can be easily moved to enable a range of different activities to be conducted within the library.

Take a 1 minute video tour of the library HERE.


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