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Raeco NSW Government Office & Education Furniture Contract [771]

We’re on the NSW Government Office & Education Furniture Contract [771]

The NSW Government has replaced their previous flexible furniture contracts. The new contract is known as 771 Office & Education Furniture Contract.  Under the new contract, RAECO is an authorised supplier of library shelving, seating and tables.


Benefits of Raeco’s Contract to You:

1. NSW Government agencies do not need to obtain multiple quotes or go to tender when purchasing these products.

2. Raeco orders under the contract do not have a maximum order value.

3. When ordering library shelving, seating or tables, all you need to do is note the new whole-of-government contract 771.


Who is eligible to buy?

The Office and Education Furniture Contract is a mandatory, whole-of-government agreement.  All NSW & ACT Government agencies are eligible. They must use this contract when buying office and education furniture.

You do not have to be a NSW Government agency to buy under NSW Government contracts. However, you will have to apply for approval to become an eligible non-agency buyer. Once approved, you’ll be given an authorised buyer identification number (NSWBuy number).

Read more about becoming an eligible non-agency buyer.


Ready to order?

Take a look at our library shelving, library seating and library tables.

Our NSW team is ready to help create engaging library and learning spaces. Contact your Raeco NSW Team here.


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