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Profound changes for a growing community

Raeco’s Philanthropic program reached a new high with the delivery of containers full of seating and tables products to the Asian Hope International School in Cambodia.

The School is growing in numbers from the time of our initial partnership – from 280 students to over 600. Students are aged from year 1 through to 12. It is delightful to see the students and school communities are growing.  Also knowing that in some way, the team at Raeco has contributed to their growth and success is rewarding.

The inspiration of knowing that a large quantity of the supplies we have delivered will end up with students, who essentially study on a dirt floor in remote housing in the regions of Cambodia, is pleasing. The tables and chairs and book storage provided will make a profound impact. We are looking forward to seeing these and the happy faces of the students during our next visit.

Senior Leadership continue to work with a team of loyal and dedicated teachers, most of whom volunteer a great deal of their time, to create an engaging school environment promoting reading, literacy, and lifelong learning.



A quick spotlight on the Schools Librarian “Danubia”. Danubia enjoys presenting her new and developing library in the best way possible to engage students in their learning journey, and to ensure that their collection is well displayed and merchandised.

Danubia is a keen and energetic individual with a passion for her role and her students and would be keen to take on advice from others who may be willing to connect with her from library land – you’re all welcome as we continue our journey to help provide spaces for students who would not otherwise have access to education.

To this end, our focus at Raeco is on developing Library and Learning spaces, keeping them relevant, engaging, and ensuring that they are the heart of a school community as they grow and develop.


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