Fabric & Finishes

For ease of selection, we’ve created a featured fabric range comprising of our most popular commercial grade fabrics. We have also created storyboards with ideas to mix and match colours plus textures.

Introducing Indigenous Fabrics


Raeco is proud to launch its exclusive range of authentic indigenous designs. These fabrics can be applied across our ottomans and soft seating.

Raeco engaged indigenous artist Peter Fowler and after detailed consultations, he has designed two images that directly relate to learning and Mother Earth.


I am a descendent of the Kunja People. Over the past 30 years, my art has provided an avenue to explore culture and give back to Country, Mother and family.

I paint stories of connection seeking to share how people, the land, and the sky are all one. My message for all Australians is to be proud of our heritage as the

longest living culture.

– Peter Fowler – Indigenous Artist

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Mood Boards

Select fabrics, colours and textures with confidence.
We’ve created 6 moods boards, including juniors, to inspire you.