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MYTHBUSTING: The truths behind environmentally friendly book protection

When some libraries advised us they were not covering thEIR books for environmental reasons – we listened. 

Uncovered books do not last as long as covered books, which may negate any environmental advantage. They lack the additional spine protection book covering provides and can contribute to lower circulation rates – due to “tatty” covers. 

We decided that if there are biodegradable “plastic plates”, spoons, bags etc, then why not biodegradable book covering.

Most now know that some four years later, after extensive testing, we have launched the world’s first FULLY biodegradable book covering – Bioguard 80®.

However, during our journey, we discovered some “environmentally friendly” terms that you may see, that could be quite misleading. 

Our full story is enclosed in the attached Press Release – which you are welcome to print in your publications, website, newsletters, journals. We have additional images if required.



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