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  • Raeco is committed to environmental sustainability – it’s in our name RAECO. A global leader in book covering, we’ve spent the last three years developing a biodegradable book covering solution.

The result is Bioguard 80® – the world’s first fully biodegradable book covering.

We’ve successfully developed an “active biodegradable ingredient” that enables Bioguard 80® to fully biodegrade when placed in the right compositable environment (landfill or compost) without leaving microplastics.

Bioguard 80® is a specially formulated film that emulates similar properties and applications to Bookguard – with the added benefit of being biodegradable.


Our research indicates plant-based coverings promoted to be green or environmentally friendly are not fully biodegradable. They “break down” to micro plastics which are incredibly dangerous toxins and remain in the environment. Microplastics build up in oceans, contaminate soil, waterways and accumulate inside countless animals and marine life.

will not break down on display

We’ve spent years testing and obtaining certifications so Bioguard80 will only break down once placed into the right environment [compost or landfill]. These environments contain the right mix of moisture, micro-organisms and temperatures that triggers biodegradation. 

Bioguard 80® will NOT break down on display, or in school bags, or where fingers have touched it.



Our active biodegradable ingredient results in a slight texture to Bioguard 80®. This texture does not effect the level of protection to your book. 

The texture makes it easy for you, your team and your visitors to identify which books in your collection are covered in Bioguard 80®. 

When replacing your book, it can safely be identified as having Bioguard 80® covering and can be recycled or placed into compost or landfill – without having to remove the cover.



Bioguard 80® is manufactured by Raeco so customers can expect our highest standards of clarity and quality.

Bioguard 80® is the same thickness [80 microns] as Bookguard 80 and offers the same protection as Bookguard. Application of both products remains the same.

Bioguard 80® is suitable to cover all books covered by existing 80-micron adhesive book covering. Features include

  • Fully Biodegradable AND recyclable
  • Repositionable / Delayed bond
  • Acid Free
  • Gloss finish
  • Adhesive roll shelf life – before opening: 12-18 months in normal library office conditions
  • Waterproof protection to the surfaces of book


Bioguard 80® is certified to:

  • ISO 148555-1 – International standard for Biodegradability of plastic materials
  • ASTM 6954 – Biodegradability in compost environments 
  • ASTM 5511D –  Biodegradability in landfill environments



EMAIL: support@raeco.com.au

PHONE: 1300 727 231 

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