Sacred Heart College Library

Sacred Heart College Tasmania

Sacred Heart College aimed to transform their library into a space where books were not just resources but also features, all while nurturing a welcoming atmosphere and fostering accessibility, functionality and a flexible learning environment. Raeco incorporated dark Linea shelving to accentuate both the books and the overall ambiance. Study stations were tailored for both individual and collaborative learning, combining our Indigenous fabric with muted colours to achieve a harmonious effect while maximising visual impact.


“Raeco understood our vision and brought it to life by carefully considering the design of the space. The response from our students and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, making it a sought-after destination for work and study. We even had to implement separate booking systems for the popular learning pods. The ability to view resources across the open library space has been a genuine pleasure. The refurbishment has not only met but exceeded all our expectations, surpassing anything we could have envisioned.” 

Reagan Tait, Library Technician.

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