CBHS Lewisham

CBHS Lewisham School Library NSW

This fully flexible library features Australian manufactured seating, tables and shelving. Furniture selection and placement provides a number of single or collaborative study options for students.

Clear signage on top of shelving bays can be seen across the library, simplifying navigating the collection.

To help improve circulation, face out display is featured throughout the library. Bay end panels feature full display of face out books, some bays of shelving have been dedicated to full face out display shelving plus the top row of other bays include a display shelf. For flat shelf / spine out display acrylic bookends have been used. They keep the collection looking neat and reveal further books covers for students to select.

Tables of various heights and shapes create “learnscapes” which  are visually interesting and appealing for students to use.

A consistent, soft colour scheme has been applied throughout the library to further emphasize the collection. Ottomans, seating and tables have also been clustered within shelving to encourage browsing.

Designed in conjunction with QOH Architects

Furniture selection, colour pallet and shelving layout by Kevin Hennah

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